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Creativity booster, mood setter and a needed addition to your Studio space.


Inspiration can be hard to come by, but sometimes all we need is the right ambience to get our creativity engine going.



Available scents:

(see scent description tab for fragrance blends)



A calming blend of scents to create a smooth ambience of peace and harmony.


Mood Boost

A blend to revive, recreate or enhance your state of mind to keep going and finish your craft.


Cleanse & Renew

A blend of scents to refresh your space for a fresh start.

Studio Edition Candles

SKU: SC001
  • Mellow: High notes of Palo Santo with a hint of spice.

    Mood Boost: Fresh blend of Lavender and Jasmine flower.

    Cleanse & Renew: High notes of Eucalyptus with a hint of fresh pine.



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