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Merry Christmas!


Enjoy these festive scents each day for the month of December this season in your space. Some of the most delicious season fragrances for you to enjoy each day during the festive month or make a unique handmade Christmas gift for your loved ones!



Available Fragrances:


  • Apple Cinnamon | A festive staple all year-round.


  • Gingerbread Cookie | Yummy Yum indeed! You won't forget this delicious fragrance.


  • Toasted Marshmallow | Under the fire, comfort feels, sweet scent to enjoy.


  • Fresh Pine | Winter outdoor air filled with fresh pine.



Happy Holidays Candles

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£9.74Sale Price
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    • Ensure to trim wood wick 1/4” before relighting and burn until the full surface of wax has melted to reach a full melt pool.
    • Always keep an eye on burning candles and keep them away from flammable objects, children, and pets.
    • 100% Soy wax
    • Wood Wick
    • 20cl Glass container fill
    • 40+ hours burn


    Variations may occur and are ok for all handmade products. Each of our items and handmade and poured for you. Natural soy wax candles may experience imperfections such as frosting or wet spots due to temperature changes. This will not affect the performance or scent of the candle.

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